By the water or by the forest, cottage and cottage for you

Czech Republic is an interesting country with a lot of natural beauty and historical monuments. The Czech Republic is a country visited by many tourists from all over the world. Get to know your country, traverse it! Summer vacations wishing and wandering. Find accommodation from the offer and go. it is a varied offer of accommodation facilities throughout the Czech Republic. Find your interesting place on and enjoy an interesting home holiday!

Orlicke Mountains, Jizera Mountains, Giant Mountains, Beskydy Mountains, Sumava Mountains, Bohemian Switzerland, Bohemian Paradise. Here and elsewhere, "maj" accommodation for you! Chalets and cottages is an offer of accommodation of various types. Choose your corner of the Czech Republic, find your summer roof over your head. Choose your holiday from the cottages offer and you will be satisfied.

Czech crisscross! This is the offer of cottages!

Hiking, biking, rock climbing, roller skating or golf. This will allow you to do so. Nature, monuments, fishing, mushrooming. This will allow you to do so. Anywhere in the Czech Republic!

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