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How to suppress unwanted manifestations of menopause

Climacterium is a very unpopular period in the life of every woman.  It brings not only various mental problems such as forgetfulness mood swings to depressive states but also many unpleasant physical symptoms such as hot flushes associated with excessive night sweats and sudden weight gain.
Herbal supplements as a helping hand to a woman in transition

Climacterium is caused by the suppression of estrogen production in the ovaries.  Therefore the problems that climacterium brings are cured by hormonal treatment that carries a great risk of breast cancer.  Antidepressants used to control mental health problems are highly addictive and do not cure the problem itself only its symptoms.
Nature heals

Before taking medication try natural treatment.  The main active ingredient of our preparation is Peruvian watercress containing substances supporting the natural production of hormones in the body.

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